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Before sitting down to watch the first three episodes of Shane Felux’s Trenches, which premiered today on Crackle.com, I took some time to lower my expectations. After all, I’ve been waiting to watch the special-effects-heavy series since July 2007 — it’d be easy to to feel let down.

Of course, it’d also be easy to feel let down by Trenches if you were expecting what the show appeared to be on the surface based on the trailers — an epic sci-fi space battle set in a not-too-distant future. The first episode does in fact deliver a heavy burst of spaceships, laser fire and futuristic transporters, but by the end the action has come down to Earth — that is to say, the strange world that Lt. Andrews (Aaron Mathias) has just found himself marooned on.

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I watched a few moments of Trenches and (personally) I am not a fan, it reminds me too much of certain SyFy Channel series and I just can’t get into them. What do you think of the series Trenches? Are you a fan?