Open Book Society Review Policy:

  • Open Book Society accepts early copies of books (ARCs) and books that are published,  not yet in print, and in digital versions (ebooks or PDF).
  • All reviews will be honest and Open Book Society does NOT guarantee a positive review but we will give constructive criticism.
  • Open Book Society is happy to do interviews and contests/giveaways with authors as well as participate in blog tours with advance notice.
  • Open Book Society does not promise to accept every book sent in for a review and still maintains the right to reject a book even after agreeing to read it.
  • Reviews and interviews will go up as soon as POSSIBLE! Open Book Society is a site run by volunteered staff and we have a lot to juggle outside of the writing for the site. We request all authors who submit a book for a review and get accepted be PATIENT and UNDERSTANDING of this.

Open Book Society reviews Young Adult and Adult fiction as well as Graphic Novels & Comics along the lines of:

  • *Paranormal
  • *Supernatural
  • *Fantasy
  • *Sci-fi
  • Drama
  • Thrillers
  • Mystery
  • Crime

We request when authors email for a request to take on his/her book for a review that they fill out the following form so those on Open Book Society staff will know what to expect:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Number of Pages
  • Type of book (Example: hardcover, soft cover, PDF, etc.)
  • Synopsis (Blurb) of book

Would you like to do an interview as well as a review?

Would you like Open Book Society to participate in a blog tour?

Would you like to write a guest blog for OBS?

Would you like to have Open Book Society host a giveaway for your book?

Email addresses, phones numbers, and addresses provided by the author for whatever reason will remain confidential and will NOT be given away to anyone.

Reviews will be published on Open Book Society website, Facebook page, Goodreads page, Stumble, and promoted through Twitter. (we have 4000 people currently following us through Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and our daily newsletter.)

Open Book Society respects all ARC (Advance Reading Copy) copies of author’s work and will NOT sell them  without the author’s consent! Open Book Society is VERY honored when an author grants permission to read their work and will treat both the author and his or her work with GREAT respect.

We have staff in many countries: Germany, Australia, Canada, and all over the United States. Dawn, site owner, offers the staff first choice on which books they’d like to review, which may mean it could take longer to generate a review. Books will be mailed out to to the reviewer of choice or if mailed to Dawn, she will send it to the reviewer who requested it. Please be aware of that when you send your book/ARC or PDF.

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