Leopard’s Wraths

Leopard People, Book #11

by Christine Feehan

ISBN13: 9781984803542

Author’s website: christinefeehan(.)com   

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Born into a life of crime, Mitya Amurov has had a hard life, and his leopard has developed into a feral beast to protect him. It’s constantly trying to claw its way to the surface—until a chance encounter with a stranger instantly calms the predator inside him. While Mitya wants Ania desperately, it’s only a matter of time before his past catches up with him, and he’d rather die than put her in danger. But Ania is dealing with dangers of her own….

Considering her family’s history, Ania Dover should know better than to get mixed up with a criminal like Mitya, but she just can’t stay away. Something wild in her responds to his presence. A need so strong it scares her. But she’s not sure she can accept what he’s offering. Ania has always been an independent woman, and Mitya expects to be obeyed in all things.

Even with her body calling out for his, Ania won’t let anything stop her from settling a deadly score years in the making—not even the man who wants to claim her as his mate. 


In this new story of the Leopard People series, we see that the last of the Amurov family men find their mates and conclude the war with their estranged family in Russia. Leopard’s Wrath starts with Mitya Amurov been driven to his house during a rainy night and stopping to help a woman that is trying to change her tire. Even though Mitya is still recovering from the events in Leopard’s Run, something compels him to stop the car and help the soaking woman. Ania Dover has been having some really bad years so far, her parents were in a car accident that killed her mother and paralyzed her father, and she is pretty sure somebody is trying to kill her now. Enters, the Knight in shiny armor, or somewhat more of a wild predator, her new neighbor Mitya Amurov saving her from the rain and having his guards change the tire.

Mitya tries to stay away from Ania, but the attraction that he feels for her is too much and she is a regular client of Evangeline’s bakery. What he later finds out is that she is also Leopard, close to mating, and her family was not so perfect people. Once word of their union reaches enemy ears, more assassins arrive for both of them for different reasons and learning to understand each other might be the only thing that keeps them alive. 

I liked Leopard’s Wrath, the idea of a tough and serious man who has been carrying the pressure of the world all his life and fighting every day to control a beast inside of him, who meets a woman that is too similar to him but brings light into his life was very good. Ania and Mitya are great for each other and it was interesting to see them navigate their new relationship and the power that one has over the other. Their passion burns very brightly in their love scenes and over time the love they feel for each other grows.

In this new story, we get to see the past main characters of the previous books come together to fight a common enemy, but at the same time, a new hidden enemy that has been moving the strings for some time now is revealed. Spies are among them and now they need to be truthful with each other and thus the correct people.

I liked that Ania had a more offensive role compared to the previous female characters. I liked how much responsibility she took after her parents’ accident and she was able to take care of her father for a long time, given that he was a leopard male losing control of his cat with each passing day. Ania was a great character that knew what she wanted and went to get it.

I liked that we got to meet new characters and some of them give hints of men finding their mates. It’s going to be very interesting reading them finding love and a person they can save them from the leopard inside.

I have been a fan of the Leopard People series for some time, and like the other series by author Christine Feehan. This series has had different arcs exploring the individual characters and in Leopard’s Wrath, we came to the culmination of the battle between the three Amurov’s and their family in Russia, Mitya’s father. I liked reading the battle and how the other cousins helped, but most of all Ania playing a part in winning the battle.

If you are a fan of Christine Feehan and her work, then I recommend Leopard’s Wrath. In this new story, a rainy night changes the lives of two people whose passion might burn everything and most of all their enemies.

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