Cloverleigh Farms, Book #3

By Melanie Harlow

ISBN# 9781704488646

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Meg Sawyer just got dumped by her live-in boyfriend days before she is scheduled to leave for her little sister’s wedding.  She’s a workaholic and it was one of the reasons Brooks left.  So, she decides on a whim to head home early to spend time with her family.

While at home, she’s able to spend some time with her best guy friend, Noah.  They’ve been friends for 17 years, a friendship that began, when he saved her from drowning.  And, there is definitely an attraction between them now.  Noah is the good guy though and he doesn’t want to risk their friendship for some fun between the sheets.  However, when Meg walks in on him getting out of the shower completely naked neither of them can deny themselves any longer.  He doesn’t want a relationship and she is only there for a week.  It seems perfect until they completely fall for one another.  But will Noah’s misplaced guilt over his disabled twin’s condition keep him from taking the one thing that could truly make him happy?

I expected this book to be a quick steamy fluff story, just something to pass the time.  Wow!  I was pretty shocked with just how much I ended up loving this book!  I didn’t want to put it down.

I loved Noah (even when he was being an obtuse ass) and his crude humor!  Being a person that always connected with guy friends more than female friends, I found that Noah and Meg’s fun banter felt genuine.  I also loved Noah’s protective side with both Meg, his family, and even complete strangers.

“I was glad she’d reached out tonight, and even more glad that she was coming home for a visit. We had a rare and unique friendship that I cherished, and I’d never do anything to jeopardize it.

But if you think that stopped me from getting myself off to the thought of her licking Twinkie filling off my rock-hard cock, you’re fucking crazy.”

Meg was a fun character as well and I commend how she picked herself up and moved on after her world fell apart.  With so many weak female leads in this genre, I found it was nice to find someone with a backbone, even while grieving what could have been.

I thought the secondary characters in the book were great.  I loved Noah’s mom and her dramatics when it came to Noah’s lack of a love life, empty mantel and all.

“And, dear Lord, if I could just add a prayer for my son, Noah,” my mother went on, a bit louder than before. “I’m so concerned for his sad, lonely heart.”

I rolled my eyes, and my sister snickered.

“Dear Lord, please let him find someone to settle down with. Someone kind and caring and beautiful. Someone smart. Someone who remembers when it’s Sunday. Someone who will tell him to take a shower before coming to his mother’s house for a meal. Someone who–“

“Okay, I think that’s enough, Ma. God gets your drift.”

Both Noah and Meg have big families and it was nice to see how they all interacted and stood by one another.

This is actually the third book of this series, but the first one I’ve read.  I didn’t feel like I missed anything by not reading the other two books, but I do hope to remedy that soon!  This was a great friends to lovers story that evoked my emotions along the way.  I just may have found another favorite author!