Infinite Devotion
The Infinite Series, Book #2
By L.E. Waters
ISBN# 0983911126
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Maya continues to delve into her past lives after death, and strives to complete the tentative journey required to reunite with her loved ones in heaven. She must relive and explore her former incarnations as the scandalous and misunderstood Lucrezia Borgia in Renaissance Italy; a young stowaway on the doomed Spanish Armada fleet; and the rebellious Irish Robin Hood, Count Redmond O’Hanlon. Her companions prove truer while her enemies grow stronger as her bygone adventures spin forth. This time she must experience the trials of loyalty and endure the hardships that only supreme devotion brings. (Amazon)


Once again I am not disappointed. I could not put this book down until I literally fell asleep while reading.

Although I know that none of Maya’s stories have a “happily ever after”, I am always saddened by the tragedy the main character has to endure to learn the lesson of that life.

As the title suggests, Maya has to learn devotion in this book and she lives four lives to accomplish this task. Its interesting to see who will fulfill the recurring roles in her life. In her life as Luis, a young Spanish boy, he/she starts to have feelings of deja vu. Certain people and places seem familiar. She also seems to be getting better at understanding what she’s supposed to learn.

In the first story Maya lives life as Italian Royalty. At first thought this sounds like the life of luxury, but the author, Waters, has certainly done her homework and I’m left heartbroken by all that this young woman must endure. It makes me more thankful for modern medicine and that I live in a time when I can be free to make my own choices.

I honestly can say that this is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It’s a series of short stories so there is a sense of closure in one respect, but because you know that they’re all connected you feel an overarching theme. Although there are clues in each story, at the end of each one there is a chart that shows who the characters were in each life.

In the epilogue Maya begins to understand things a bit better and Zachariah explains that she will have all the answers later, but not now. He also lets her know that she’s not done…. So I’ll be waiting impatiently for book 3. (I hope it’s not titled Infinite Patience!)