Title: Freshly Ground Murder

Series: A Killer Coffee Mystery

By:   Tonya Kappes

ISBN: 1978035551 (ISBN13: 9781978035553)

Author’s Website:

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The holidays have arrived, and nothing is going to steal the joy of Roxanne Bloom’s first Christmas in Honey Springs.

The town’s annual Christmas in the Park is underway and includes a Christmas Pawrade that’ll help the furry residents at Pet Palace get a home for Christmas. It’s not the four-legged creatures that steal the show, it’s the pair of legs sticking out from the Christmas tree lighting ceremony that has all the town talking.

The suspects are piling up faster than the falling snow, while a murderer is on the loose. Roxy can’t let this ruin her first Christmas in Honey Springs and soon realizes it’s the ghosts of Christmas past that holds the real clues. But can she get this mystery solved in time for the holidays? (Goodreads)


Freshly Ground Murder is the third book in the Killer Coffee Mystery series by Tonya Kappes. This will be the first Christmas in Honey Springs for Roxanne. The story was cute and of course the characters are great. I love reading further about how life is progressing in Honey Springs. The continuation of the love story in such a slow progression is nice – nothing seems rushed or contrived.  I really liked the Christmas “Pawrade” held in hopes of getting more animals into their forever home before Christmas.

And of course, I enjoyed the fact finding hunt Roxie went on in hopes of solving Otis’ murder. I expected nothing less from Roxanne. The ‘whodunit’ was not revealed until the end and I did not catch on any earlier than the reveal – just the way I like my cozy mysteries!

Unfortunately, I stumbled, more than once, upon spelling or grammatical errors – ‘when’ was probably meant to be ‘went’:

There were papers all over the floor in his shop. Like somebody when in there searching for something.”

And talk about a run on sentence:

While the carafes of the Christmas Harvest blend coffee brewed as well as some decaf and dark French roast, and more Santa Kisses were baking in the oven as well as heating up the usual seasonal items like the pumpkin muffins, honey Christmas cake slices, I knew the Pralines Liqueur Cake would be a hit today at the coffeehouse and the Cocoon.”

Overall, I am enjoying the series but to enhance my enjoyment of the book, I would like more attention to detail during the editing process. Luckily, this has not happened in the first two books of the series.

As I really am enjoying the series, regardless of editing issues, I cannot wait for the next installment of the A Killer Coffee Mystery series, Cold Blooded Brew (Killer Coffee, #4).