4 star rating
Chimera: A Jim Chapel Mission
By David Wellington
ISBN# 9780062248770
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*


A fabulous new talent-the heir to Patrick Lee and James Rollins-delivers his first published novel: a wildly imaginative tale that combines elements of horror and science in the vein of Michael Crichton, in which a circle of unlikely heroes must uncover a nefarious cabal and prevent it from unleashing a diabolical threat that could destroy the world

7 fugitives escape from a secret military facility in upstate New York, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

7 super-soldiers gone rogue.

7 innocent citizens targeted for death.

Disabled Army Vet James Chase is drafted for a desperate mission to stop this lethal force. Aided by a mysterious woman named Angel and a courageous, beautiful veterinarian, Chase sets off on a hair-raising cross-country hunt.

But are the killers really rogue soldiers, or are they only the tip of a sinister conspiracy . . . the first piece of a shocking nightmarish plan that will lead to ultimate destruction? (Goodreads)


By page seven I was hooked.

On page ten I was confused, but perhaps I shouldn’t be. There was a flirty woman and then she sees the hero has  a prosthetic and can’t deal with it. So she totally backs away. Can we say shallow? No matter she wasn’t in the book long anyway. However, this was actually brought home fairly regularly throughout the book. It’s a pity that our society really has that mindset so much so that it is added in a book with all the negative connotations that are in the real world.

Spider-goats, goodness they are real, yes I looked it up amazing! It made the whole story more believable. The laughing boy is super creepy, I found what he had interesting and looked it up, too.  I would have liked a bit more information on the super soldiers and what went wrong with them. I was sad about Ian.

There are some pacing issues, it would be very slow and then the author would put in something that I couldn’t wait to find out about  and where things were going. That aside, this is an awesome story and I hope there will be more stories with these characters. I want to find out how our hero and heroine wind up. They made a wonderful team and fit together very well.

I highly recommend this book for young adults 16+ because of some of the sexual content. Which was well written and flowed well with the story. And of course I also recommend this for adults who enjoy  mystery with cutting edge scientific  ideas. Great book.