ATTACK OF THE VOLTURI TWINS She can glance your way and cause you excruciating pain! He can numb your senses until you feel nothing. Nice combo! The Twilight saga’s witchy, centuries-old vamp twins Jane (Dakota Fanning) and Alec (Cameron Bright) pop up in New Moon as they confront Bella, Edward and Alice in the Italian Volturi stronghold.

With a lot of experience when they were child actors, 15-year-old Dakota (Man on Fire, War of the Worlds, and Charlotte’s Web, Hounddog and The Secret Life of Bees) and cute 16-year-old Cameron (Godsend, Birth, Running Scared, Ultraviolet, X-Men: The Last Stand) play the dreaded Volturi guards complete with fun and flashy hooded capes and glowing blood-red eyes

TeenHollywood: Dakota, as such a fan of the series, you’ve said in many interviews before that you were really excited about this so what were the highlights of playing Jane and do you get to do more in the next movie?

Dakota: I think the highlight of playing Jane was getting to wear that costume and to have the red contact lenses. I was really excited about that, and getting to play an evil character. The next movie I already finished doing, Eclipse, I’m still not very much in the movie.

TeenHollywood: Cameron, can you talk about your character and your relationship to Dakota and your powers?

Cameron: Me and Dakota, we’re the henchmen but it’s kind of funny because Dakota is the most feared out of all the Volturi (Dakota shoots a big grin!) She’s the one with the worst power and everything. For me, as Alec, I’m the only one that isn’t quite afraid of her but I (really) still am. I’m not afraid to say what I want, where everybody else is always kind of watching their words. Felix and Demetri, as soon as they say one thing bad, she just looks at them and they just shut up and don’t say anything.(Dakota shoots us the scary “look”)  We’re brother and sister. That’s basically about it. That spells it out for you. Luckily, we don’t fight at all or else I’d be in trouble

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for the upcoming “New Moon,” and that means the interviews don’t stop coming. During a recent event in London in front of thousands of out-of-their-mind-with-excitement fans, Stewart admitted that she thought her character of Bella would be smart to choose the werewolf (Taylor Lautner) over Edward (Robert Pattinson).

Not that that’s necessarily a reflection of her real-life choice. Wink, wink.

Said Stewart, “If I was friends with Bella I’d be like, ‘Please make life easier and date Jacob.'” A good point. Everyone knows that as a teenage girl, if your friend insists on dating that weird, pale vampire kid, it’s your duty to stage an intervention and maybe even tell her mom.

Still, in terms of what she’d want for her character, Bella said, “I’d make her a vampire.”

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ASHLEY GREENE TALKS SPOILERS AND GRAND THEFT AUTO All work and no play makes Ashley Greene … as cheerful as ever, apparently. Despite moving straight from a hectic schedule of shooting ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ six days a week to a grueling publicity tour for ‘New Moon,’ when I catch her by phone, Greene couldn’t be happier.

“At least it’s the same franchise — not something else I’m doing where you confuse the storylines,” she laughs, determined to find the silver lining on every cloud.

With the looming release of ‘New Moon,’ many fans are anxious to know how closely the movie resembles the book, since changes from the source material are always the most controversial aspect of any big-screen adaptation.

“We’ve stayed pretty close to the book,” Greene promises. “I think the fans would have our heads if we didn’t! The biggest difference is, in the book, you know that Edward is there in the back of Bella’s mind and in the film you’re able to portray that so that you can actually see Edward — because I think that the fans want to see Edward … so they definitely kept him in there!”

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CATHERINE HARDWICKE CONFIRMS KSTEW & RPATTZ ARE A COUPLE! Are they or aren’t they? That is the question of the moment.

The latest person to speak up about the maybe-couple is Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke. She spoke with Time magazine, and recalled what she told Rob right after he was cast as Edward Cullen. “After I cast him, I told Rob, Don’t even think about having a romance with her. She’s under 18. You will be arrested,” she said.

But, Catherine notes, it was a matter of time until Rob and Kristen’s friendship developed into more. Hardwick added, “I think it took a long time for Kristen to realize, O.K., I’ve got to give this a go and really try to be with this person.”

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