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True Blood Season 2 Episode 9 I will rise up Review

Quick Summary –  Wounded Eric tricks Sookie into drinking blood. Sookie and Jason bond over what had just happened . Lafayette and Lettie Mae try to figure out a way to get Tara away from Eggs and Maryann. Hoyt has to defend Jessica from his Mom. Sam escapes from Maryann. Godric takes the blame for what has happened.

Character Check –

Bill – After seeing the bomb go off, Bill goes running inside Godric’s nest looking for Sookie. Eric sends him to go find the humans that planned the bomb. He finds one and starts drinking his blood. He ends up sparing his life, but gives them a warning. Bill comes back to find Sookie sucking a bullet out of Eric’s chest. He holds in his anger towards Eric, while he tries to tell Sookie that it’s not her fault, she had been tricked by Eric who has had a lot of years to prefect the art of deceiving.

Jessica – Still upset about the fact that she is forever going to be a virgin. She attempts to talk Hoyt into leaving her, but he won’t have it. Hoyt tells Jessica that he wants her to meet his Mamma. It’s almost dawn and Jessica needs to get to sleep, so Hoyt waits by the door and sings to her while she falls asleep. While at dinner with Hoyt and his Mom, Jessica tells Momma Hoyt how she was changed into a vampire with out a choice and that she has no family. Hoyts mom feels bad but not bad enough. She then starts arguing with Jessica about how no vampire could be with her son and tells Jessica that she can’t have babies with Hoyt, which makes Jessica run off crying.

Sam – still locked in jail. When he hears that Maryann is in the building he sees a fly and shifts. He goes off to Andy’s house to get help.

Tara – Wakes up with bruises on her arms and face. Her and Eggs both don’t know what happened again. Tara is starting to think she is going crazy. Maryann starts preaching to them saying that they’re not crazy and gets very upset about it, she even starts to cry. Lafayette sees Tara bruises and blames Eggs. Later that night Lafayette and Lettie Mae go to Tara’s to try and get her to come home but Maryann posseses Eggs and Tara, they start beating up Lafayette and Lettie. But Lafayette some how manages to get a hold of Tara and he runs off with her.

Hoyt – After he was done singing to Jessica he goes home to tell his Momma that he wanted her to meet Jessica. She doesn’t want to agree to it. But Hoyt convinces her to do it, since she always hates everything with out a reason. He even threatens her that if she isn’t nice at dinner that he was moving out. When they went to dinner she was nice at first, then just couldn’t take it anymore and started trouble. Hoyt told his mom right then and there, she just blew it and he won’t be coming home ever.

Sookie – After Eric makes Sookie suck the bullet out of his chest, she finds out that he was fine. Sookie says that she is never going to do anything for him ever again. Bill warns Sookie that she might start to develop feelings for Eric because they have shared blood. Sookie can’t fall asleep that night so she goes over to Jason’s room, turns out that he couldn’t sleep either. They stayed up and talked about what had just happened – how sorry they where and also a bit about their Gran. When she finally falls asleep she has a dream that her and Eric are in her bed together (naked might I add). There flirting back and forth. Eric tells Sookie that she would be a great vampire. Sookie tries to think about Bill, but Isabel shows up and tells her that she obviously doesn’t care about Bill. Eric and Sookie start to kiss, Eric mentions that he only loves Sookie. Godric gets blamed for everything that has happened. Eric is very upset by all of this. Sookie hears Godric tell Eric to meet him on the roof. Sookie convinces Bill to let her go see them. When she gets to the roof she promises Eric that she will stay with Godric until he burns. Godric and Sookie have a very touching conversation. Talking about how God doesn’t punish, Godric will be forgiven. Sookie even starts to cry, which surprises Godric.

Eric – Knowing what Godric is planning on doing is eating Eric up. Bill even slaps Eric for trying to take Sookie away from him and he does nothing about it. Eric tries to stop Godric from taking his life while on the roof. He begs and pleads but Godric doesn’t listen, he just commands Eric to let him be. Eric even starts crying and repeating please, please Godric (In an old language).

I’m not going to lie, I think I’m about to cry. I was practically in tears watching the episode and now writing about it, just makes me want to cry again. This episode was the most touching ever. Hoyt (I know, I will get to Eric soon) was a total cutie sticking up for Jessica.

When Sookie called Jason stupid I just about died. That was hilarious.

Ok, on to Eric, WOW! I don’t even know what to say. I just wanted to comfort him so bad. Yes he tricked Sookie but so what! That’s just how Eric rolls. But you could tell that he really cared for Godric. I mean he was his creator after all. When he was crying though, that just broke my heart. I hope we never have to see him like that again. And Godric, aww he was wonderful. The way this episode ended was perfect!

Did you like this episode? Would you have liked it if they kept Godric alive? Was Eric wrong for tricking Sookie? Is Bill not fighting for Sookie like he should be?