Preorder your True Blood cookbook now! via Zap2it

“True Blood” is returning this summer on HBO and we know you guys love to throw a party. If you’re looking for snacks for the humans, shifters or witches in your group, you’re in luck. HBO is releasing the “True Blood Cookbook.”

Sure the fairies eat lumiere fruit and the vamps drink True Blood (and people), but were-panthers and humans need something a little more substantial. If the food served at Merlotte’s makes your tummy growl like a wolf when you watch the show, you can pre-order it now.

The book is official and full of full page pictures, so we’re sure to have some really cool party snacks. It ships on August 29th. We can’t wait to see their version of a Bloody Mary.

I don’t know what it is about this cookbook that sounds so cool, but I think it will definitely make an appearance at my house!!

Christopher Meloni stars in ‘Funny or Die’ video via Zap2it

Christopher Meloni is using his skill as a TV cop to catch human rights-violator Kony. Sort of. The future “True Blood” hottie is bringing awareness to the problem by starring in a new Funny Or Die video.

“I’m quitting acting!” Meloni tells his agent. “Here’s my fake gun. My fake badge. Real SAG card. I’m going Congo.” He decides to dress up like a bounty hunter and head off to stop Kony himself. His agent thinks he’s a nutter.

In case you’re wondering, he gets naked for a moment. It’s PG, we promise, but darn, those are great guns.

Check out the full video here.

Season 5 Trailer!! via Hollywoodlife




Now they’re getting me all kinds of excited!!  Too bad June is so far away!!

Season 5 to begin June 10th!! Via Los Angeles Times

The fifth season of HBO’s sexy vampires and werewolves and witches and fairies series “True Blood” will be back on the air June 10, the network announced Wednesday…

What can fans expect from season five of “True Blood,” which will be series creator Alan Ball’s last as showrunner? The just-released trailer reveals lots of familiar vampire action, but there will be several news faces in the mix, including “Law & Order: SVU’s” Christopher Meloni, Scott Foley, Kelly Overton and “General Hospital” star Carolyn Hennesy.