We’ve gathered the recent True Blood news to present to you:

True Blood’s Second Season Averaged 12.4 Million Viewers Per Episode

The audience base for HBO’s red-hot vampire drama “True Blood” offers a good illustration of how viewing is changing.

According to HBO, the series’ sophomore season, which wrapped Sept. 13, averaged 12.4 million viewers per episode, when measured across various viewing platforms. But only 24% of those viewers came for the show’s premiere 9 p.m. Sunday telecasts.

Some 37% of “True Blood’s” true-blue fans caught reruns on HBO and its themed channels throughout the week, while 21% watched via DVR playback and 18% watched on the HBO on Demand platform. It’s telling that the percentage of on-demand viewing climbed significantly from the show’s first season, when it was 13%, while the rerun viewing dropped sharply, from 56% in season one.



CNN posted a video of some of the True Blood cast thanking the fans:


You can chat with the people behind True Blood

Those nice folks at the Paley Center in Los Angeles are giving True Blood fans the chance to get up close and personal with the geniuses behind TV’s hottest vampire series.

This is your chance to hear scoop on the upcoming third season from the writers themselves, including show runner extraordinaire Alan Ball.

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And finally, why True Blood is Better than Twilight….

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that True Blood and Twilight are the two most popular vampire “worlds” out there right now. Sure there may be other TV shows and books, but these two series (and I’m including the books, TV shows, and films associated with them) are by far and away the most recognizable at the moment. And they have inspired a bitter rivalry amongst their fans! Twilight and True Blood do have some similarities in core stories — vampire/human romances, special powers like telepathy, and supernatural characters to complete their casts (think werewolves). But that is pretty much where they separate.

True Blood comes closer to following long established vampire “rules” – no vamps out during the day (remember what happened to poor Bill when he bravely tried to rescue Sookie from Rene?), no entering into houses where they haven’t been invited, and wooden stakes an silver definitely have a negative impact on True Blood vampires. Not so for the Twilight crew — they just turn all “diamonds and glitter” in the sun (I saw the movie — not the best special effects effort they could have put forth!), they come and go where they please, and the only thing that kills a Twilight vampire is being pulled apart limb from limb and burned. Ouch.

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I am not at all surprised by True Blood’s veiwer numbers. They kicked ass this season.

I’m glad they thanked the fans for making them a hit.

OMG I would love to chat with Alan Ball, what would you ask him if you could?

And do you agree with the points made in Why True Blood is better than Twilight? Why?