Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Chapter 5: After the End
Written by Amanda
Edited by Rose/Krystal

Saturday, October 27, 1984 (Clare is 13, Henry is 43)

Clare awakens, thinking she heard Henry call her name. She runs out into the Meadow to find her brother, father and a strange man in their hunting clothes. As the man turns, she recognizes Henry. She runs to meet them and her father meets her part way wondering what she’s doing up so early. She explains that she heard her name being called and looks over at Henry curiously. The expression on his face replies in secrecy and her father sends her back to bed. Back inside, Clare sits on her bed still wondering why on earth Henry. Whatever it was, it was very, very bad.

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Memorable Quotes:

Henry: “Jesus, Clare, don’t give the geezer a heart attack.”
Clare: “You’re not a geezer.” (Page 84)

Henry: “Let’s see. You’re sixteen. I’m thirty-two right now, only twice your age. I’m sure no one would even notice, and your parents would never hear about it.” (Page 85)

Helen: “Hi, Clare’s boyfriend. I‘m Helen.”
Henry: “Wrong number, Helen. But pleased to meet you.” (Page 87)

Henry: “Trust me. Just trust me.”
Clare: Clare laughs. “Why would I want to do that?”
Henry: “I dunno. Because I love you?”
Clare turns her head so quickly that she hits me in the jaw.
Clare: “Sorry.” I can barely see the outline of her profile. “You love me?” she asks.
Henry: “Yes”
Clare: “Right now?”
Henry: “Yes”
Clare: “But you’re not my boyfriend.” (Page 90-91)

Henry: “I’m Clare’s boyfriend. I’m here to teach you manners, since you have none.” I drop my mocking tone, and walk close to him and say softly, “How could you do that to her? She’s so young. She doesn’t know anything, and now you’ve completely f****d up everything…”
Jason: “She’s a… c**k… tease.”
Henry: “She has no idea. It’s like torturing a kitten because it bit you.” (Page 97-98)

Questions for discussion:

What do you think was going on at the beginning of this chapter with Henry, Clare’s father and her brother? What do you think they were looking at?

Why do you think Clare chose to have Henry take care of Jason? Why not go to her father?

Do you think that the date on the drawing was always there and he just never noticed it was trimmed off or do you think that it would have changed if Clare had not cut it off?

Clare points out that when Henry travels from 1998-2000 he is very upset and freaked out. What do you think if the difference in Henry’s mood between this time and his mood before or after this time?

Did you notice anything in this chapter that you’d like to discuss with the book club?

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