Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Interview SUPERNATURAL

Question: Will the tone of this season have a similar feel to Season 1?

Jared: Yes, so far. We never know what’s going to get into the writers’ heads, which is brilliant and amazing, but right now, we are very much back to Season 1. This season, I’m more like the original Dean, and this season’s Dean is more like the original Sam. We’re not just nixing the whole religion idea. We know that there are angels, arc-angels and demons, but now religion is a part of our lives, almost like a normal person, as opposed to being fundamentalist and waking up and going, “What’s the next religious thing to do?” It’s there and we can’t deny it, and we can use it to our advantage and make everything work for each other.

Jensen, what do you think about the new tone for this season?

Jensen: I like it. Last season, there was some definite finality to a five-year story arc. Season 1 is still my favorite season because of the formula. I like the monster-of-the-week thing. I like the simpleness of that story and the way it was. So, the fact that we’re pressing reset on the whole show is refreshing for me. We’ve had five years with these guys, so we’ve had all of that history, and now we’re getting back to square one and widdling it back down to its simplest form, and I just like that formula better.


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Great interviews, they’re amping up for the next season. Jared and Jensen are great together. What do you think?