Title: Starbird’s Special Gift

By:   Jim Shields


Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra                   


Imagine the excitement! One cold Christmas day, SawSam went to the park to fly his new airplane and discovered a small bird struggling in the snow! Learn why SawSam calls his new friend Starbird and about their unique and exciting times together. Before flying away, Starbird tries to show her appreciation by giving SawSam a very special gift in return. Sure to hold the interest of everyone it touches, STARBIRD’S SPECIAL GIFT will become a treasure of life-lessons to be shared and enjoyed for years to come!


My little avid reader enjoyed having this story read to her.  The pictures kept her interest and I must agree – the illustrations were nice, colourful and told the story well. The moral of the story that friendships are the best gifts of all is a worthwhile message. Additionally, helping those in need, if one can, is also a great message to give the young one’s reading this book.

However, I was disappointed that right there on the first page – an error it seems:

Be sure to wear your warm mittens and scarf”, his mother called as he put on his new toboggan.

A child does not “put on” a toboggan as a toboggan is ‘a long narrow sled used for the sport of coasting downhill over snow or ice.’  When we viewed SawSam on the next page walking outside, he is carrying is an airplane. Perhaps it should read something like “as he picks up his airplane” as opposed to “put on his new toboggan”.  This confused my reader! She knows the difference between a toboggan and an airplane.

Other than that, a fun read that is very well illustrated with a worthwhile life-lesson being told.