SOULLESS BY GAIL CARRIGER GETS A+ REVIEW Fans of Steampunk, rejoice. And better count those who adore Steampunk with a great romance that has a delightful, witty and very original heroine. Gail Carriger’s Soulless will be on the lips of many before the end of the year. This is one of the most refreshing books I have read for 2009 and it has caused havoc in my top 10 list. Soulless is actually going in my top five.

Soulless is about Alexia Tarbotti, a twenty-six year old Victorian spinster who lives in London with her stepfather, mother and two sisters who embody incredible beauty. They are diamonds, while Alexia is considered to be a lump of coal. Her mother never allowed Alexia to have her coming out and placed her on the shelf at fifteen because of Alexia looks. Her deceased biological father was Italian and gave Alexia her long nose, dark looks and too many curves that are considered acceptable. She also has this bad habit of being a nibbler and eating when it suites her. Alexia has a dark secret because of her father.

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Holy smokes do I want to read this book! I have been hearing great things about it for a while now and now I am utterly and completely sold on it! I MUST have this book, like now!

Will you read this book or have you already?

What did you think of Soulless?

Is it one of the best books you’ve read this year?