The little blond chap on his tricycle, in smart pants and braces, was always a cutie – no wonder he grew up into the Sexiest Man Alive.

Robert Pattinson, awarded that accolade by a glossy US magazine, is the chiselled-featured star of the hit Twilight vampire films, who can command £10million a movie. But to those who know 23-year-old Robert best, he was always a star – even as a chubby-cheeked toddler or a girl-shy youngster, thrilled to be pocketing £10 a week from his paper round.

Rob grew up in a £1million Victorian semi with his dad Richard, a vintage car dealer, mum Clare, a booking agent, and older sisters, Victoria and Lizzy.

He went to a nearby private boys school, Tower House – a 1998 school newsletter describes him as the “runaway winner of Form Three Untidy Desk Award”.

One school secretary recalls: “He wasn’t particularly academic but he always loved drama. Everyone adored him. He was something special.”

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Everybody loves some Rob Pattinson. He was adorable as a child and even more so now. He’s everyone’s (well almost everyone) favorite vampire.

Is Rob your favorite vamp? Is it difficult to distinguish him from the character of Edward Cullen? Have you morphed the two into one?