Regency Makeover Part 111

An Exquisite Marriage

By Darcie Wilde

IBSN: 9780698408142

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Description:   An Exquisite marriage

Even wallflowers find a way to bloom…
They were dismissed as hopeless—girls too plain, too shy, too gauche to stand any chance in the ruthless competition of the London season. But Helene Fitzgerald, Madelene Valmeyer, and Adele Edmundson have no intention of remaining wallflowers. Aided by the notorious novelist, Deborah Sewell, they form the Wallflower Pact and set out to find true love for themselves—and maybe even their chaperone.
An Exquisite Marriage
Everyone knows Helene Fitzgerald will never marry. She and her wallflower friends may be on the rise socially, but Helene is still nothing but a sharp-tongued bluestocking who very publically renounced her only marriage offer. Worse, her family is in serious financial trouble. So, how is Helene suddenly attracting the eye of Marcus Endicott, the Duke of Windford and one of England’s most eligible aristocrats?

Trapped by his father’s long legacy of mistakes, Marcus never thought he’d find a woman he’d want enough to risk his heart. But what began as a contentious friendship has transformed into a passion beyond anything he dreamed possible. Now, Marcus’s old secrets are threatening to destroy everything Helene and her friends have worked for. Can any passion be strong enough to carry Helene and Marcus away from their pasts?


I love this series and An Exquisite Marriage by Darcie Wilde does not disappoint.  Again the females have been dismissed by society as not eligible for marriage and are likely doomed to be wallflowers for their time in the Ton Season. Taking the bull by the horn these girls have decided that they will help themselves and turn themselves into candidates for love and marriage. With the help of each other’s strengths they change the way they dress and improve the weaknesses that hold them back.

Helen has a sharp tongue and is known in society for renouncing her only marriage offer however she becomes attractive to Marcus, as he is tired of the match making Mothers and their only too pleasing daughters.  Helen will stand up to him and he knows that behind that demeanor passion is waiting to explode out.  The friendship and subsequent passion that develops between them is soon tested by Marcus’s past.

All the stories that I have read in this series can stand alone. It is nice however to meet the other characters and find out what’s happening in their lives. The setting I was able to jump into and the characters are complex and interesting. Throw in some intrigue, excitement as well the usual love and passion and you have a great afternoon read.  I personally can’t wait for the next in the series to come out.

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