Houston Defiance MC, Book #1

By K E Osborn

ISBN# 9798673381663

Author’s Website: https://keosbornauthor.com.au/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Zero and Prinie grew up in the club.  Their parents ran it until the Bayou Militia attacked their clubhouse and killed them.  Now Zero is the president.  He stayed and helped the club recover from their losses.  Prinie, on the other hand grabbed their brother, Koda, and fled.  She couldn’t handle being in the clubhouse after watching her parents’ murder.

Prinie and Koda find their way to Chicago.  However, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns for them.  Prinie struggles to make ends meet and Koda starts getting in trouble at school.  The Chicago chapter of the MC ends up finding them and taking them in, not knowing who they are.

Prinie is driving for Uber when she gets called by an obviously abused woman, Rayne.  Rayne is being beaten by her cop husband.  Prinie eventually convinces Rayne to let her take her to the emergency room.  The two keep in touch and Prinie is always a phone call away when her husband, Chuck, has hurt her too badly.

The Chicago MC has trouble coming their way and reaches out to Houston for assistance.  They come to assist in any way they can, and to bring Prinie and Koda home once and for all.  However, Prinie won’t leave without telling Rayne goodbye.  However, when Zero sees Rayne, broken and abused, he can’t leave her behind.

Rayne and Zero quickly grow close and soon neither can imagine life without the other.  But the thought of Chuck coming to take Rayne away always haunts them … until it finally happens.

I saw an ad on social media for this book and it sounded interesting so I had to give it a read.  It started out okay, but I did find the book way too easy to put down.  It took me weeks to finish it because of that.

The characters were okay, but I never got all that invested in them.  I found them to be hard to believe.  Rayne is getting abused by her cop husband and goes off with a group of burly bikers?  She isn’t even afraid of them… not even a little?  I also found it unbelievable how easily Rayne is willing to do illegal deeds that could ruin her career and then volunteer to do it on a regular basis afterwards.

I wanted to like this story, but it was just mediocre, at best.