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For the first time since the beginning of the season, Episode 13 starts exactly where Episode 12 left off, as opposed to showing us a flash sideways of a certain character.

‘The Last Recruit’ encompassed all characters, (well almost all) like pieces of a puzzle that are being fit into place. For those who like it cut and dry….don’t you know the writers never make it so.  I personally loved how all characters are being pushed closer and closer together. Both in reality and in sideways world.

As if you didn’t know from past write-ups…this recap and review is filled with SPOILERS.

Hurley and company have arrived into Flocke’s camp.  Flocke immediately goes to work with his speech magic on Jack. Cause remember once he speaks to you…you’re on his side. Well, unbeknownst to Jack, this is exactly what happens.  Jack also learns that it was the MIB who inhabited his father’s body after Oceanic 815 crashed.

The next morning, Widmore’s second in command, mousy Tina Fey, enters their camp in search of what Flocke stole, which is Desmond. Of course Flocke feigns ignorance and they are shown that if he doesn’t hand him over, Widmore will basically bomb their asses to smithereens.

Flocke organizes the group into separate entities in order to make their way to Hydra Island. Sawyer and Kate are in charge of heading to the sailboat at the docks. Flocke and the others (Hurley, Lapidis, Sun, Jack, Hurley included) will make their way through the jungle and rendezvous with Sawyer and Kate.

Sayid’s mission is to ‘take care’ of Desmond.

When Sayid approaches the well, prepared to shoot Desmond, Desmond asks him some questions about his morality in killing him.  How would Nadia feel about the reasoning behind her return from the dead? Sayid’s thought process in the whole matter is tested by this question.

When Flocke sees Sayid returning (in the jungle) – Flocke questions whether he got the job done. As cool as a cucumber, with the same lack of emotion, Sayid states it has been done, even taunting Flocke to make sure and check himself.  Flocke believes him.

Sawyer tells Kate of his alternate plan once they reach the boat. He explains they will not rendezvous with Flocke. Instead, he had pulled Jack aside and told him to gather the Losties, break off from Flocke and the group and meet at this dock.  When Jack breaks off, they are unaware that Claire is watching them.

When they meet up with Sawyer and Kate and board the boat, Claire appears suddenly, gun in hand and demands to know what is going on. Kate steps up and is the one who assures her they will go home and to get on the boat with them. But not before she tells them all that Flocke will be very upset to know they have gone.

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