“All good things must come to an end”.

Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

It was a sad day on Sunday May 24, 2010. The series ‘Lost” finally came to an end. Millions of viewers around the world, tuned in, with hopes of having all their burning questions answered, and to bid farewell to the epic series that kept us puzzled and entertained for six years.

True to form, Lost did not answer everything, for it wouldn’t be Lost if it did.

The series Lost started with the most expensive pilot series to date, with the Oceanic Flight 815 crash landing on a mysterious island. Through this traumatic experience bonds and friendships were born as the Losties tried to find a way off the island.  They saw Polar Bears in the jungle, they met The Others, and found The Dharma Initiative both in the present and in 1974 and got up close and personal with the Smoke Monster. They were captured, kidnapped, and separated multiple times, by way of time travel, and out of necessity. We learned they were all ‘touched’ by Jacob, and essentially, brought to the island for a reason. This last season we were shown why. With only Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, and Jack remaining, it was Jack who agreed to take over as protector of the island. He found his ‘purpose’.

With a new Jacob in place, the Smoke Monster was now bent on destroying the island to gain his final freedom, in a last ditch resort, by using Desmond as the weapon. Jack wishing to use Desmond to destroy Flocke comes to an agreement with Flocke and they both help Desmond into the cave of light each with their own agenda and outcome in mind.

Flocke finds Desmond with Bernard and Rose who helped him out of the well. Desmond only agrees to Flocke’s plan if he promises not to hurt Rose or Bernard and Flocke agrees.

At the cave of light, Desmond uncorks the stone from the center of origin of light (a metaphor for this used before with Jacob’s carafe of wine). A fury of energy is released and the island is now a ticking time bomb. It is on the path to submersion. It is now possible to kill Flocke (the MIB). We see this after Jack punches Flocke and he now bleeds.  A fight ensues by the cliffs above MIB’s cave and Flocke falls to his death, but not before Jack is fatally stabbed.  Jack realizes the uncorking of the light helped both their causes. Flocke is dead, but the island is self-destructing. In a last bid to save everyone remaining, he passed his protector status over the Hurley, who drinks from a cup, as did Jack and Hurley appoints Ben as his number two. Jack goes down into the cave of light, re-corks the hole, tricks Hurley into thinking he will tie a rope around himself to be hoisted back up, but instead saves a barely conscious Desmond.

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