5 star rating
Perfect Kind of Trouble
Finding Fate, Book #2
ISBN# 9781455583140
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Fine_PerfectKindofTrouble_ebookOh my gosh, loved, loved, loved this. I know this is number two in the Finding Fate series but you would never know it. I never felt like I was missing something by not reading the first one. Now after reading this I am really looking forward to the First and Third in the series.

I have to say I cried because this made me so emotional it was unreal. Nothing worse than the betrayal of a mother: the lies, the stealing of money and missing out on a father’s love. Kayla has lived in poverty most of her young life while her father lived a rich and wonderful life. Daren lived the rich life for the most part to parents that never paid attention to their young son. Choices the parents made sent the children into life of uncertainty, hurt and feeling unloved.

You never know what you have lost until it’s gone and to Kayla Turner no truer words have been spoken. Taking her last few dollars, she leaves Chicago to go to her father’s funeral and to finalize her father’s will in Copper Springs. She understands that in her father’s will the majority of his riches will go to the town and it’s people.  So when Kayla arrives at the lawyer’s office and finds that the young man who worked for her father is waiting for the reading of the will, she realizes that something else is left in the will concerning the both of them.

Daren Ackwood helped Kayla’s dad doing odd jobs around the place. He’s good looking, a charmer and a real ladies man and he’s slept with most of the girls in town.  After being with Kayla for a few days he wants to treat her differently then the girls in his past but he doesn’t know why or how.

Kayla’s father left a stipulation in the will that forces Kayla and Daren to be “close” to each other for a few days in order for them to claim the inheritance.  What choice do they have when both are broke, homeless and hungry with no future in sight. Both are needing the money in the worst way but how far will they have to go in order to claim the inheritance?

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