Of Shadow Born
Shadow World, Book #4
By Dianne Sylvan
ISBN# 9780425259801
Author’s Website:  http://diannesylvan.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of Spoilers*

Miranda feels she has lost everything now that her Second, Faith, and more importantly her husband and Prime, David, are both dead. With her and David’s mythical bond it was never supposed to work this way.  If one dies so does the other.  So why is she still here?  And, how will she ever get over her insurmountable grief?  She better figure it out fast because their enemies aren’t waiting for the mourning period to pass.  Miranda is still the Vampire Queen of the South, a title that she must fight to keep or the deaths of her loved ones will have been in vain.

But things are not as they seem and when David shows up three weeks after his demise, he is not the same either.  Miranda will have to make a choice, one that will affect everything, most importantly her relationship with David.  Can she make changes without knowing what they mean to get back the bond she longs for?  Or will she choose to stay the same and possibly lose a very important part of her marriage?

I first want to put this out there.  I have NOT  read the three previous installments of this series.  Reading the synopses to those books were the only preparation I had for reading Of Shadow Born.  But I’m glad to say that those blurbs were pretty descriptive and let me know exactly what happened prior to this book.  Granted, it didn’t tell me every detail, but gave me the main highlights anyway.  And, after a chapter or so, of figuring out some of the secondary characters roles, I was able to determine exactly what was happening and I really enjoyed it.

Miranda’s grief was heart wrenching.  I hadn’t even read the previous books so I didn’t know the extent of her and David’s love and even I was on the verge of tearing up.  A true sign of a great author!  I also loved how caring and nurturing Deven was with her during that time.  I don’t think she could have come as far as she did without him in her corner.

I found the storyline of David coming back as Thirdborn to be really interesting.  You didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing and you still really don’t know by the end of the book, but we can definitely hope it will be good!

“David’s a unicorn? That explains so much.”

And, speaking of David’s transition, what about the choice that Miranda had to make?  I can’t even imagine the possibility of changing into the unknown just to keep the bond between your spouse and yourself.  Of course, there really was no choice and love definitely wins out.  I’m sure the two of them can get through anything as long as they are together.  And, they got some really cool new abilities  at least!

I really enjoyed this book and I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment when I can only assume the war between the vampires and Morningstar will really begin!

Here are a few more fun quotes I enjoyed:)

“Even when you’re not wearing a geeky T-shirt, you’re carrying your geekdom with you wherever you go.”


“it was very important business. Negotiations for a cease-fire between warring parties.”

David rolled his eyes. “You could just say makeup sex.”

*Graphic Credit: Dianne Sylvan.com