Lost’s Time Travel Pedigree


Here are 6 time-travel stories that are part of Lost’s time travel pedigree.

Slaughterhouse 5, by Kurt Vonnegut

The Gist:

In this World War 2 story, Billy Pilgrim has become unstuck in time. This soldier finds that his brain is traveling wildly between different points in his life. His consciousness is wildly swinging from moments as distant as his death, his childhood, and his days as a confused soldier during the firebombing of Dresden. But all of these moments add up to a picture of Billy Pilgrim as a person.

The Lost Connection:

The first connection is obvious. In the 4th season of Lost, Desmond starts experiencing exactly this effect. In fact, his first bout with his unstuck mind brings him to his days in the military, an obvious nod to the Vonnegut novel.

The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells
“By His Bootstraps,” by Robert Heinlein
Groundhog Day
Doctor Who

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Q&A: ‘Lost’ producers discuss emotional final season

THR: How would you describe this season in terms of its, say, tone? What is it like compared to past seasons?

Cuse: We feel tonally it’s most similar to the first season of the show. We’re employing a different narrative device, which we feel is creating some emotional and heartfelt stories, and we want the audience to have a chance in the final season to remember the entire history of the show. So we have actors coming back like Dominic [Monaghan] and Ian [Sommerhalder]. We’re hoping to achieve a circularity of the entire journey so the ending is reminiscent of the beginning.

THR: Is there any one character’s story line that you think particularly emotionally resonates this season?

Cuse: Jack and Locke have always been at the center of the show, that dilemma of faith vs. reason, and the conflict between those two characters has been there since the beginning. It’s very exciting to bring that relationship to its conclusion, and we can’t really be any less vague about that.

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Great time travel pedigree. Have you read the books mentioned? or see the movies and/or tv shows? If so, how do you think they relate to Lost?

Lindlehoff and Cuse are so damn funny. I appreciate how in tune they are with fans. We do need a satisfying ending in relation to all our favorite characters. Lost has taken us on an amazing journey with so many plot twists and mysteries, it makes my head spin. I haven’t always understood what was going on, but I was always fascinated and addicted every step of the way. I’m sad it will be ending but this season will kick ass, I’m sure of it.

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