Joe Brown, writer for Las Vegas Sun reviews “Bite” performed at the Stratoshphere:

Before seeing “Bite,” the topless classic rock vampire revue at the Stratosphere, I was unaware that vampires really, really like spanking. During the show, they frequently give one another — or themselves — a good smack right on the pert little undead behind.

Long before vampires hit the zeitgeist, entrepreneur Tim Molyneux recognized they were a hot gimmick waiting to happen — and they were just itching to take off their tops and bend over and peek at us from between their legs on a Las Vegas stage. “Bite” has somehow squeezed five years out of this gimmick.

When they appear, the vamps don’t waste a moment — they doff their capes, baring their fearsome fangs and their yearning-to-be-free breasts before the second verse of “Welcome to the Jungle.” Their dance routines — a comprehensive tour through the Great American Stripper/Go-Go Repertoire — are set to a classic rock soundtrack, and they writhe and pose solo and in squad formation to snippets of such songs as “Cat Scratch Fever,” “Cold As Ice” and “Maneater.” (You get the idea.)

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I’m not sure what to say about “Bite” – maybe it sounds like it SUCKS. Since when did being a vamp become about bearing your boobs and getting spanked?

It must be popular though since it’s been around for 5 years. Joe Brown says the storyline is “A buff black demon with glowing green contact lenses craves to be reunited with his long-dead Queen of the Night.” I wonder where that story line came from? What do you think of this show and how it’s been described? Would you see it?

I think I’ll stick with my books.