If you remember well, yesterday we posted the first part of this article (HERE), where it was revealed who the villain Twilight was. And know we bring you the second part. Enjoy πŸ™‚

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Sure, the cat is out of the bag in regards to the identity of Dark Horse’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8’s” big villain, Twilight, but the story of Buffy, Angel and the rest of the cast doesn’t end with that revelation, and neither does CBR’s interview with the characters’ creator, Joss Whedon!

In part two of our lengthy chat, the creator of the beloved vampire franchise takes a look at “Season 8” as a whole and his role in it. From breaking out the story ideas to juggling the needs of multiple collaborators, Whedon shares how “Season 8’s” story came together, where the tale of Buffy and Angel will head post-Twilight and an early hint at how “Season 9” will come together.

CBR News: After talking with Scott [Allie], the impression I got was that you ended up being much more hands on with “Buffy Season 8” than you had initially planned on. Now that you’re nearing the end, does it surprise you how much you’ve done?

Joss Whedon: Yes. I always go into everything thinking, “Well, I’ll do it for a little and then hand it off.” I feel like I’ve done an enormous amount of work on this series, and not nearly enough, which is pretty much how I feel about everything. It definitely is a much bigger project than I realized. 40 issues sounds great in your head as a fan as an era of a comic book, but it’s four years plus. Not taking that into account is a little bit naive. So it’s been a ton of work, but I’ve loved it. I’ve learned a whole lot about do’s and don’ts, but when I first thought of this after Scott approached me and said “Let’s revitalize this”…well, it wasn’t just a shot in the arm. It turned out to be a much bigger production.


I would have loved to had followed the comic after the TV series ended, I’ve always wanted Buffy to end up with Angel πŸ˜‰

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