Normally we celebrate birthdays the exact day – not this time. I’m so sorry but I totally missed Chris Weitz birthday – his 40th birthday. Anyway – he is such a great and wonderful guy and director and I adore him so much, so he deserves to get something special. He is the first who gets belated birthday wishes. 🙂

Open Book Society wants to congratulate the wonderful director Chris Weitz belated to his birthday!

Christopher John Weitz was born in New York City on November 30, 1969. We all know him directing ‘The Golden Compass’ and ‘About a Boy’ – and he is accountable for making the wonderful 2nd movie of the ‘Twilight’ saga ‘New Moon’. And a lot of fans want him back to direct ‘Breaking Dawn’.

Your Birthday is a special day, one that’s just for you, a time for doing everything, you have always wanted to do … so, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Chris Weitz!

You also want to send belated birthday wishes to the great and adorable Chris Weitz? Feel free and left comments!