Chapter 3 “Drawing Dark” by Chris

Miss Sophia

Luce’s dorm room
Sword & Cross library

Memorable Quotes:

1. What she missed was the way life had felt when she’d first started to talking to Trevor. When she had someone to think about if she couldn’t sleep at night, someone’s name to doodle dorkily inside her notebooks. – page 68

2. The library at Dover had always been her escape and Luce felt almost overwhelmed with relief as she realized that this one might offer her the same sense of sanctuary. – Luce page 74

3. I came here to get away, if you’re not going to leave, I will. – Daniel page 80


Luce makes it through her first day at Sword & Cross, but not without some serious mishaps. She is exhausted and finally making the trip to her dorm room, which surprisingly isn’t so bad in her opinion. It’s the greatest conditions, but based on the rest of the school her room is pretty decent. Luce doesn’t take the time to unpack, she is supposed to meet Arraine at her room, but after her stunt at lunch she had to do a makeup review for biology. While standing at Arriane’s door, Roland comes out into the hallway to greet Luce. She is feels a bit awkward and nervous because Roland is like Daniel’s best friend, so she is not sure how to act. She quickly tries to make up a story about needing to check out a book at the library, where Roland sees right through her fibbing…but still suggests an interesting section of the library to check out.

Questions for consideration:

1. Is Luce finally showing a little bit of acceptance of her new school when she finally sees her room, and maybe a little hope? Or is it more resignation to the fact that she is struck and she might as well deal with?

2. What do you think about the character Roland? Can he be trusted, and what role will he play in Luce’s life?

3. Once again, Luce meets Daniel and is treated rudely? Why don’t you think she takes a hint, why is she so confident, so drawn to break down Daniel’s walls? At this point in the story, why do you think Daniel is acting this way…is that his ‘real’ personality or an act? (from the first time reader POV)

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