Kissed by an Angel, Book #5
Elizabeth Chandler

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Ivy, Tristan, Beth, and Will are back for the fifth installment of the Kissed by an Angel series written by Mary Claire Helldorfer under her pseudo name Elizabeth Chandler.

The young couple is relishing being back together again even if Tristan is in the body of a suspected murderer and he has to stay hidden while he tries to deal with the realization that he is a fallen angel.  Ivy has to pretend that she hates “Luke” while sneaking around to be near him when others aren’t looking.

Now they know that Gregory has taken up space inside of Beth and he’s slowly gaining power causing her to do things she normally wouldn’t.  Ivy desperately needs to convince Will that Gregory is possessing Beth, but he barely even talks to Ivy after what happened with Guy/Luke/Tristan.

As Ivy and Tristan learn more and more about Luke’s past it becomes apparent that Luke didn’t kill his ex-girlfriend, Corrine.  He was setup, probably by the person who tried to kill him.  But who?  Everyone they talk to tells them that Luke has no real enemies.

Ivy and Tristan must clear Luke’s name if they ever have a chance to be together.  But they must also find a way to save Beth from Gregory before he kills Ivy or harms Beth.

This book was just OK.  I found it to be pretty boring most of the time and entirely to repetitive, the glass in the shoe, the trains, and danger on the bridge.  And why are there always so many freaking cats (Ella, Dusty, Lacey…) doesn’t anybody in that area of the country have dogs or some other sort of pet (besides Suzanne)?

I wasn’t surprised at all when it was revealed who tried to kill Luke and who did kill Corrine.  And now we’re left with a segue into the next book.  Did Tristan survive the fall off the train bridge and what does Lacey mean about him almost being out of time?  How many times can one person/angel come back anyway?

In all honesty, I’m ready for this series to be over.