Dark Sentinel

Dark Series, Book #28

By Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780451490087

Author Website: christinefeehan(.)com

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Following the events from Dark Legacy, Andor Katona has been fatally injured after being caught in a vampire’s trap and barely surviving. He is now alone and three human vampire hunters are about to stake him through the heart when all of a sudden a girl comes to his rescue and confronts the men with a saucepan. Lorraine Peters had been camping in the woods where Andor had been fighting vampires but due to his wounds he had been caught off guard while heeling. Lorraine can’t believe he can still be alive and why the men were trying to kill him.

In that moment, Andor realizes that Lorraine is his lifemate, a lifemate he had thought forever lost to him. Lorraine aids Andor as much as she can until the Carpathians Ferro, Gary, and Sandu arrive to heal and take him to safety. Meanwhile, psychic human men from the Morrison Center are being tricked into becoming vampire puppets and two find Lorraine during the day while the others are in the ground. They try to lure her away from the safety circle Andor made for her, unsuccessfully. When Andor and the others are finally able to move and leave, a master vampire attacks them with a new target in sight, Lorraine.

I can only describe Dark Sentinel as a book that will have you biting your nails and at the edge of your sit waiting to find out the outcome of the events that happen during the story. And then at the end it leaves you wanting more, especially with the new couple revealed! It is going to be interesting reading how their story develops.

I like that the female human lifemates are becoming stronger and independent in their own way. Some of the Carpathian men are right to notice that times are different and their lifemates can learn to defend themselves. During the story there’s a debate on whether the female lifemates should fight by the Carpathian’s side. Several men disagree because they don’t want to see the lifemates hurt, but Lorraine has a point that learning to defend themselves can be helpful and it doesn’t mean that all the women are going to go into battle. It is just a precaution in case of an invasion.

The North Americans and South American Carpathians are forming a big community outside of the Carpathian mountains and a reunion wouldn’t sound bad. I feel that Mary Anne de la Cruz would be a good help for the children found and the recently turned women. And! Some European Carpathians are on their way as well. I can’t help it but think of a second Dark Celebration in the works. But we would just have to wait and see.

If you’ve been a fan of the Dark series for the past 19 years, then you will love this book! Like I mentioned, it is going to leave you wanting more.

Memorable Quotes:

“My body doesn’t respond to regular medicine.”

“Does it respond to a surgeon repairing holes in it?” -Andor & Lorraine

“Do I have other family members of yours to meet to get their approval?” -Lorraine

“Meditation is for the birds. Seriously, Andor, I tried it multiple times and it doesn’t work. I found myself so bored I wanted to fall asleep. I may have.”

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