Dark Ghost

Dark Saga, Book #28

By Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780425277331

Author Website: http://www.christinefeehan.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


He wasn’t civilized or tame. He had his own code and he lived by it.

Monk. Bounty hunter. Vampire slayer. Andre Boroi has spent centuries battling the undead, holding out against the dark with honor. But now, gravely wounded by master vampire Costin Popescu, Andre will be easy to track—his spilled blood marking the killing trail for Popescu and his hungry band of underlings. Andre’s only chance is to disappear into the gray mist of the Carpathians. To wait. To hope.

She had a healing touch and a scent that was his lifeblood.

In the mountains in search of a precious crystal, geologist Teagan Joanes suddenly finds herself hunted by those she once trusted. Then she comes across the warrior—wounded, wanting and irresistible. Andre has been craving her for an eternity: his lifemate. Her warmth envelops him. Her scent pulsates. And with every beat of her heart, Teagan surrenders to a passion she can’t possibly comprehend.

Now they are bound by destiny, but is it enough to keep them safe from a stalking, relentless darkness that threatens to swallow them alive?


Andre has been a mysterious, ghostly, character throughout the Dark Series books. He made small appearances in some of my favorite titles. And now, we get to finally know more about him and his lifemate!

Every book in the Dark Series is linked to the other. I would like to say that each one can be a stand-alone story, but then the reader would missing out on important details of the saga. So Dark Ghost feels that way. This book opens the door for what would be another trilogy within the saga, or even more books to come. I’m talking about you triplets. And the one that has already been confirmed, Gary!

This time around author Christine Feehan takes her readers even higher up into the Carpathian Mountains, so high ghostly figures live there. This is where Teagan, in search for a way to help her grandmother, meets Andre. What I always like about these stories are the flashbacks that we get from the Carpathian males. We get to see more into their pasts and the struggles they go to find the right one for them.

Andre’s past is a tragic one as well. We get to know why he is called Ghost and the monastery, which introduces us to even more characters in the never ending Carpathian population in the world of Feehan. Exciting! I would have liked for them to explore the monastery more, shows us more of its secrets, and describe it further.

All in all, Dark Ghost is a good introduction for what is to come in the next books in the Dark series. There is still several lose ends within Christine Feehan’s Carpathian world, which hopefully will be solved with more books.