The Daily Record got a new Interview Robert Pattinson about his new fame and what life is now.

Robert is mobbed wherever he goes by screaming girls, especially since the explosion of social networking site Twitter.

“I can’t remember what my normal life is like, because of internet stuff and Twitter, there will be a crowd if you are in a place for more than half an hour. “I’ve learned never to stay in the same place for more than 20 minutes.” He laughed, seemingly still amazed at the Beatles-like level of fandom he has following him. “The biggest challenge is coping with the crowds,” he admitted. “I am a quiet, private person. It’s strange.”

Fresh from playing Edward again, what does Robert make of the character he’s turned into one of the world’s most famous vampires? “I like playing him. I don’t know if I like him as a person. He is a little straight-laced for my liking. He is not rebellious. I think that should be respected.”

“I am not very good at taking complements,” he revealed. “I am one of those annoying people. If someone tells me I gave a great performance, I say, ‘oh, yeah, yeah’ in a not very interested way. But if someone says I am bad or something, thenI agree with it – although I hate it at the same time.”

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I feel so sorry for him – that he has to change his life because of the crowd. He is also a human person who deserves as much privacy as any other. But I don’t think it’s strange that he can’t watch himself on the screen. It makes him even more ‘normal’ and adorable to me 😉

Do you like this new interview? Are you sorry for Robert? Do you think the internet and all social-sites are guilty for this mania?