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Vampire Dreams is a compilation of numerous stories each told from a different perspective. They’re told by slayers, humans, werewolves, young and ancient vampires. Every tale draws you in but leaves you wanting more, almost like a dream during which you wake up but long to revisit.

Richard Reich weaves old myths, vampires in modern times and interesting religious questions into the many short stories. I enjoyed the ones that included historical events such as the Civil War and Roman Empire told by the older vampires.

Be forewarned, a few of the narratives border on PG-13 if not a tiny bit more. They’re fun, clever and a definite must read in my opinion.

Below are a few of my favorites:

A vampire mother, brought from Transylvania to America after her supposed death. For years a daughter notices dead animals constantly showing up in their back yard. What will a daughter do to protect her father? to prevent him from becoming just like her mother?

The Power of Gods

A 2000 year old vampire tells of his “change”, in a well hidden cave, and his survival. The mysterious being that changed him, could he have been Jesus Christ?

None Remains Save One
Working for the Hungarian Historical Preservation Society, two men clean up and restore stones from Dracula’s castle. They find a stone inscribed with the title of this story. What does it mean? They dig a bit further and find a hidden chamber. One of the men enters the chamber and  sees a ring in a pile of ash. He sneezes and breathes in the dust….oops, big mistake.

Blood From a Stone
Told from a journalist’s point of view, he visits Virginia on assignment where a mysterious recluse hosts a strong man contest each year. The journalist visits the home of the recluse and sees and hears wolves all around him.

Those who enter the contest were meant to die, as they are vampires. The recluse stakes each one as the journalist looks on. He then taunts the journalist to write about it because no one will believe it.

I Once Was Lost

A vampire confesses his “sins” to a priest, which takes a considerable amount of time as the vampire has it all written in a book. Once finished the vampire asks for absolution. The priest is not sure he can grant that to the vampire.

The vampire changes him so that the priest will have to kill to survive – it may cause him to change his mind about forgiveness.

A Cross Word
A doctor comes across the scene of an accident where a well dressed man is nearly decapitated. The doctor sees there is nothing he can do so he sits with the dying man….only he’s not quite dying. The doctor is baffled and calls 911. The injured man begs him to hang up so that he might explain. He also begs the doctor to take him to a dark place where he can heal….

I loved this book and each tale. It’s snarky and in many cases all too ironic. I also enjoyed the religious tones and questions that were weaved throughout many of the stories.

My only complaint: the stories are too short. I would love to read some of them as complete novels. More Richard, more!!! Don’t leave us hanging!

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