Chapters 21-23

Neferet makes a spectacle of herself as she claims to have wronged the Goddess. She asks forgiveness and Zoey must accept, on her own behalf but not on behalf of the Goddess.

Lankford sees a Raven Mocker. Neferet forces Rephain to come down to them, but Stark sees the threads of darkness coming from her. Neferet insists Rephain should be killed. Stevie Ray plays right into it, stepping up to protect Rephaim and because Stevie Ray wasn’t honest about her relationship with the Raven Mocker – everyone is shocked. Stevie Ray tries to explain but Neferet insists Rephaim be killed.

Just as the sons of Erebus are ready to kill Rephaim, Kalona shows up and calls his son to him.

Chapter 22

Zoey believes Stevie Ray and commands that Rephaim not be killed. Kalona fights the warriors. Rephaim begins fighting the Sons of Erebus, but only to defend himself. Darius and Aphrodite decide to help him. Zoey, Stark, Damien and the twins decide to join in too. They call the elements to help and defend them. Of course, Neferet tries to twist it into them all going over to darkness, but Stevie Ray sets her straight.

Discussion Questions
1. What did you think of Zoey’s accepting Neferet’s apology, but just for herself and not for the Goddess?
2. Do you think Rephaim should have been killed for what he had done?
3. Did you think Kalona would free Rephaim?
4. What do you think of the consequences for Rephaim?
5. What do you think of the group’s decision to leave with Rephaim?


Stevie Rae, “Neferet, that’s as nutty as squirrel turds. Z just got back from hangin’ out with Nyx in the Otherworld. She managed to kick Kalona’s ass there, and bring her Warrior back safe and sound with her—somethin’ no other High Priestess has ever been able to do. She’s not exactly Darkness material.” Neferet opened her mouth to speak and Stevie Rae cut her off. “No! I only have one more thing to say to you—no matter who you fool, I want you to know I’ll never believe you’ve changed. You’re a liar, and you’re really, really not nice. I have seen the white bull, and I know the Darkness.

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