Bodice of Evidence

Perfect Proposals #2

By Nancy J. Parra

ISBN# 9780425270363

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The author of Engaged in Murder returns with her second Perfect Proposals Mystery. This time Pepper Pomeroy discovers that shopping for the dream wedding dress can be a nightmare…


Pepper’s new wedding proposal planning business, Perfect Proposals, seems like a perfect fit. If only shopping for her sister Felicity’s bridal gown could be so simple.


After a long day of lace, tulle, and tears, Pepper, Felicity, and their mother pull it together to try one last bridal boutique. Maybe they’ll be surprised. And indeed they are—when they enter a deserted shop and soon discover the owner of the boutique slain in the alley out back.


Distressed by their proximity to the crime, Pepper vows to unveil the killer. As difficult as it is to draw a pattern from the clues, it’s still easier than finding Felicity’s perfect wedding gown. But as the killer begins to feel hemmed in, Pepper may be the one brought to her knees…




Bodice of Evidence is the second book in Nancy J. Parra’s series Perfect Proposals. I have not read the first one and although it is not as easy as some, you are able to read this one without being too lost.  I really enjoyed the characters and their interplay. The mystery is intriguing and well written. The storyline is interesting and easy to follow, while still keeping the reading in suspense. While I know nothing about weddings, the work that goes into them or “perfect proposals, I was still entertained and wanted to read more. Pepper Pomeroy is an enjoyable character written and developed with humor and intelligence.


Pepper and her sister Felicity and their mother are on the hunt for Felicity’s perfect dress. The ladies are having one heck of a time coming anywhere close to something the bride or bride’s maid would think of wearing. As they crawl in exhaustion to the last bridal store, they are met with an empty establishment. Pepper searches for someone to help them and ends up finding the store owner dead in the back alley. What ensues is a wonderfully written mystery that keeps the reader guessing, action that keeps a fast pace and well developed characters on the hunt for answers.


I truly enjoyed Nancy J. Parra’s writing style, the humor she instills in her characters and their interaction and the perfect mystery. I am not a big fan of wedding related anything, but love Ms. Parra’s other cozy series Baker’s Treat Mysteries so I wanted to check out this one. I was not disappointed in the storyline nor the wonderful characters. The action comes quickly and keeps the reader entertained throughout this enjoyable cozy. I would recommend Bodice of Evidence to any reader that enjoys Nancy J. Parra’s books, loves weddings or just enjoys a well written book of fiction. This is a great cozy and I am sure a wonderful series.


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