Friends and Enemies, Allies and Chaos

A classic part of the Hero’s Journey is the meeting of friends, of gaining allies. Enemies may be obvious from the start or be revealed along the way.

PJ-Schnyder-Author-PictureBut can a friend simultaneously be an enemy? And can the hero or heroine, or both, resolve the conflict within themselves when forced to work with an enemy who is only a friend for an unknown period of time?

When I played role playing games back in high school, my alignment was always Chaotic Neutral. It wasn’t because it came naturally to me but because it was a stretch. It’s easy to be good or evil. It’s easy to declare something right or wrong, black or white. Labels are easy.

And they’re subjective.

But chaos? A reader might look at Bharguest and identify him as the Chaos character. But to be honest, so are Kaitlyn and Rygard. So is Dev. Because sometimes each and every one of them will do a wrong thing to make things right and none of them will hold back from doing something evil if the outcome is good.

Many might consider Love a Chaos factor, because so many characters will do the unexpected for the sake of love. But really, in a romance, it’s the only certainty.

In Fighting Kat or the rest of the Triton Experiment series, I will only promise that love will find a way.

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