Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margie Stohl
9.12 The Sisters
Written by Krystal

When Ethan arrived home the table was set and he thought he was off the hook until he realized the phone tree that went into play the minute he left class. Ethan made his way to the kitchen where Amma asked for an explanation that didn’t include Lena. As he tries to weasel his way out, Ethan found himself getting into even deeper trouble and needing a distraction. He fidgeted with the locket burning a hole in his back pocket and knowing Amma likes a mystery, he fished it out and showed her.

Amma’s expression stopped in its tracks and then she ran off to her bedroom, Ethan following. She rummaged through her room of knickknacks and dirt and handed Ethan a handkerchief. She made him wrap the locket tightly in it before having him drop it in a small leather bag and tied it closed. She ushered him out the door and told him to return the locket to Greenbrier and bury it.

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Memorable Quotes:

Ethan: I took a deep breath. What could I say? I had been dreaming about some mystery girl for months, who showed up in town and just happened to be Macon Ravenwood’s niece? That, in addition to terrifying dreams about this girl, I had a vision of some other woman, who I definitely didn’t know, who lived during the Civil War?
Yeah, that would get me out of trouble, around the same time the sun exploded and the solar system died. (Page 81)

Amma: “Where did you get that?” her voice was a whisper.
Ethan: “We found it in the dirt, at Ravenwood.”
Amma: “You didn’t find that at Ravenwood Plantation.” (Page 82)

Prudence: “Grace tried ta beat him ta death with a broom.”
Grace: “That’s not true. I told you, I wasn’t wearing my spectacles and he looked just like a wharf rat runnin’ through the kitchen.” (Page 88)

Grace: “My granddaddy used ta say Abraham Ravenwood musta made a deal with the Devil that night.” (Page 90)

Ethan: “Ellis Wate’s brother was named Lawson, not Ethan. That’s how I got my middle name.”
Grace: “Ellis Wate had two brothers, Ethan and Lawson. You were named for both of ‘em. Ethan Lawson Wate.”
Ethan: I tried to picture my family tree. I had seen it enough times. And if there’s one thing a Southerner knows, it’s their family tree. There was no Ethan Carter Wate on the framed copy hanging in our dining room. I had obviously overestimated Aunt Grace’s lucidity. (Page 93)

Questions for discussion:

Why do you think Amma freaked out when she saw the locket?

What did she mean by he’s not ready?

Were you surprised to learn that Ethan has a great-great-great uncle that was married to the girl Genevieve?

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