Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margie Stohl
9.12 Broken Glass
Written by Krystal

Ethan awoke from a dreamless sleep the next morning. He dressed and made his way outside where Link was waiting, as usual. The carpet was totally drenched and Ethan apologized, but all Link had for him was a warning about his reputation if he’s not careful with Old Man Ravenwood’s niece.

By the time they reached school Ethan had told Link the whole story, well most of it anyways, and when he was done one thing was clear, damage control. Ethan had to keep this to himself unless he wanted to commit social suicide, but he didn’t know what was coming.

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Memorable Quotes:

Ethan: “I’m sorry, man. I’ll try to dry it out after school.” (Page 51)

Ethan: But even if he wasn’t clear on the details, as we walked up to join the guys, he was clear about one thing. Damage control. (Page 52)

Ethan: Last night. The two little words that could forever change your life at Jackson. (Page 53)

Ethan: If Eden was second string, Charlotte was third. Charlotte was one thing no self-respecting Jackson cheerleader should ever be, a little chunky. She had never quite lost her baby fat, and even though she was on a perpetual diet she just couldn’t shed those last ten pounds. (Page 54)

Emily: “Can this book get any more borin’?” Emily didn’t look my way. This was a territorial dispute. She might have dumped me, but she certainly didn’t want to see Old Man Ravenwood’s niece anywhere near me. “Like I wanna read about a town fulla people who are completely mental. We’ve got enough a that around here.” (Page 55)

Questions for discussion:

This is the second time Ethan has mentioned the strange necklace around Lena’s neck. What do you think is the significance of it?

What did you think of Ethan’s descriptions of Eden and Charlotte? Is this way of hierarchy and judgment simply small town or do you feel this is common in all high schools? Why?

Whose voice is in Ethan’s head and why do you think he can hear them?

Now that Ethan is screw, socially, do you think he’s going to embrace Lena’s world or try and fit back in with his friends?

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