Aunt Dimity and The Summer King

An Aunt Dimity Mystery, Book #20

By Nancy Atherton

ISBN: 9780670026708

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Aunt Dimity and the Summer KingBrought to you by OBS reviewer Kayt



Cozy mystery lovers’ favorite paranormal sleuth is back with her twentieth otherworldly adventure

There’s trouble in Finch. Four recently sold cottages are standing empty, and the locals fear that a developer plans to turn their cozy village into an enclave of overpriced weekend homes. But for once Lori Shepherd can’t help.

Her infant daughter, her father-inlaw’s upcoming wedding, and the crushing prospect of her fortieth birthday have left her feeling inadequate and overwhelmed. Until, that is, she has a chance encounter with an eccentric inventor named Arthur Hargreaves. Dubbed the Summer King by his equally eccentric family, Arthur is as warmhearted as the summer sun. In his presence, Lori forgets her troubles—and Finch’s.

But Lori snaps out of her happy trance when she discovers detailed maps of Finch in the Summer King’s library. Next, a real estate agent comes knocking. Is Arthur secretly plotting Finch’s demise?

With Aunt Dimity’s otherworldly help—and her new daughter in her arms—Lori mounts a crusade to save her beloved village from the Summer King’s scorching greed.


Aunt Dimity and The Summer King is a wonderful cozy mystery with nary a murder. The main character, Lori Shepherd, is just getting out and about after giving birth. She and husband Bill spent the first months of their later in life daughter Bess’ life at home caring for her and their young twin boys. Out for a stroll and a bit of exploration (with a look towards exercise), Lori and baby Bess investigate an old trail friend Emma found on a map. When Bess’ all terrain stroller loses a wheel, a wonderful and whimsical older gentleman appears on the wall surrounding an old home. Arthur Hargreaves is a mystery, one that Lori finds entertaining and intelligent. Therein lies the mystery. Who is this amazing man, why does no one in Finch speak of him and what is going on with the bizarre town feud between Finch and Tillcote.

Aunt Dimity and The Summer King is the 20th in Nancy Atherton’s series An Aunt Dimity Mystery series. It is a truly enjoyable and well written novel. The characters are entertaining and come to life in the word of Nancy Atherton.  Descriptive prose and a wonderful story line drive this enchanting cozy. Ghost Aunt Dimity plays a minor part, but it the voice of reason. Small town English life at its best and worst are portrayed in this book. As Lori tries to find answers about her mystery man, she is also worried that 2 cottages in town have sat empty for so long. A third will be empty after the wedding of her father-in-law and his fiancee Amelia. Lori searches for answers and is in for a surprise if she gets them.

Along the way in Lori’s search she spends more time with Arthur and his grandchildren, learning more about them, the house and his forefathers. Her friends cannot believe she is spending time with the hermit and also town enemy. She looks forward to her time in his fascinating home. She even makes a fast getaway to the abbey from her husband’s harpy aunts’ disaster visit. Comments the nasty women spew get Lori thinking more about the empty cottages. Finding the answers is painful at first, but exposes a well-kept secret.

Aunt Dimity and The Summer King is a wonderful cozy that is not just well written, it is enchanting. Like watching a wonderful English mystery play out on paper. The words jump out to form a tantalizing sensory experience. The reader is taken through meadows, flower gardens, enchanting homes and every scene is superbly crafted to perfection. Even if you have not read all the books in this series, I have not, you can enjoy and immerse yourself in this cozy mystery.

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