Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Chapter 4: The Rabbit Sends In A Little Bill
Written by Rose


The footsteps she hears, is the White Rabbit who is looking for his lost gloves. The rabbit mistakes Alice for his housemaid and instructs her to fetch his gloves and fan from his house.

At his home, Alice finds a bottle that says Drink Me, which she does and she grows in size, and grows and grows. The rabbit returns but cannot enter his own home for Alice is now blocking all the entrances, even the windows, with her large proportion. The rabbit asks for assistance from someone Alice cannot see, named Pat. It is recommended by the rabbit to burn the house down. Alice finds another cake marked Eat Me and quickly does and shrinks.

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Questions for consideration

Why do you think the rabbit nor his servants cannot really see Alice for whom she is?

When the rabbit says “a barrowful”, what did he mean?

Do you think the rabbit used the Eat Me and Drink Me items to change size as well?

Why do you think the rabbit needs his gloves and fan so badly?

Is there anything else curious you found in this chapter? What is your favorite part and who are your favorite characters in this chapter?