A Reckless Desire

Breconridge Brothers Series, #3

By Isabella Bradford

IBSN: 9780345548160

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Description:  A Reckless Desire

Lord Rivers Fitzroy is as charming and sought-after as his rakish elder brothers, though he immerses himself more in dusty books and scholarly pursuits than in bawdy houses. Yet, Hell-bent on making the most of his remaining bachelorhood now that his father insists he marry, Rivers becomes the favorite of a troupe of Italian dancers. One night, after a performance, the handsome lord is challenged with a most provocative wager: Turn the players’ meek and mousy cousin into the first lady of the London stage.

But Lucia di Rossi is not what she seems. Scorned by the rest of her family, Lucia longs for the respect and stardom of a great actress. Rivers’s wager could be the answer to all her hopes—so long as he understands that she wants to be an actress, not his mistress. The two commence her metamorphosis in earnest—even as passion begins to take center stage. As Lucia’s dreams come true, she fears that it may be Rivers, not she, who is the master performer. Is he only making her believe he cares? Has she found the spotlight only to lose her heart—or will the final curtain reveal a love strong enough to last?


This story is a delight to read. Isabella Bradford has created a Pygmalion like story line that adapts beautifully into an English setting. The characters come alive with skillful writing and good flow and I for one was not putting the book down once started.

Lucia di Rossi cannot dance and because of that has been relegated to doing odd demeaning jobs for the Italian dance troupe that her family belongs to. She can see no way out of the life she leads so when she becomes a wager to become a great actress she jumps at the chance. Maybe finally she will have glory of her own.  Romance is inevitable and passion rules. Lucia knows she will never fit into River’s world and is determined not to become his mistress and not to give up her dream.

Rivers is being hounded by his father to marry and although being a bookworm most of his life he decides to go out and live it up in the short time he has as a single man. A wager is made during an evening out with his friend that he could turn the mouse of the Italian dance troupe into a sought after English lady and actress in one month. When he meets Lucia for the first time he begins to doubt his abilities.  Lucia he soon finds out is a quick study and an amazing actress. Proper dress, roles and speech she picks up easily and Rivers finds he is more and more attracted to her as they get to know each other. Rivers knows the chemistry and passion is there but how can he make his family accept an actress for his wife. He also knows that Lucia can never be his mistress.

A well written and great read! Kudos to Isabella Bradford! I will certainly be on the lookout for more books by this author.

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