4 star

A Gentleman’s Guide to Scandal

A Birch Hall Romance, #2

By Kathleen Kimmel

IBSN: 9781101986813

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A Gentleman's Guide to Scandal

Passions and tensions run high in the latest scandalous Birch Hall romance from the author of A Lady’s Guide to Ruin.

Even men of great certainty can be completely clueless when it comes to matters of the heart.

Colin Spenser, Marquess of Farleigh, is shocked when his feelings towards his best friend’s sister take a turn into the realm of helpless adoration. Unfortunately, Elinor is more inclined to ignore him than express her undying devotion, so Colin resolves to forget his troublesome feelings by entering a loveless marriage…

Elinor Hargrove has absolutely no interest in the infuriating and arrogant Marquess of Farleigh. That is, until he kisses her—twice—inspiring unexpected and inconvenient passions. Then Elinor finds out he’s engaged, and her desires are quickly surpassed by her outrage…

But when a ghost from their shared pasts resurfaces, Colin and Elinor must work together to puzzle out a complicated intrigue by attending an extremely exclusive party where secrets and lies flourish—and scandal is only a kiss away.


Kathleen Kimmel again has written a historical fiction that engages the reader from the beginning. Her ability to develop characters and use a setting that the reader can immerse themselves in is what drew me into this story. There is excitement, love, passion and intrigue from the beginning pages and although the reader can predict the ending there is plenty of story to get you there.

Elinor has known Colin for a long time however has never saw him as anything but annoying however when he kisses her unexpectedly her feelings begin to change. Just when she decides that Colin might be worth pursuing she finds out that he has announced his engagement.

Colin has always had a crush on Elinor but she has never shown any interest and goes out of her way to ignore him. Pressured to marry by his father he announces his engagement but realizes after he kisses Elinor that there is no way that he will ever be satisfied.

When the past comes to haunt both Elinor and Colin they have to join forces to survive.

The story is fast moving and keeps the reader turning pages. I personally love Kathleen Kimmel books and I know I will be on the lookout for others.  A delightful read for a spring weekend.

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