A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Outlander, Book #6

By Diana Gabaldon

ISBN# 9780385340397

Author’s Website:  http://www.dianagabaldon.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

It’s life as normal on the ridge.  However, the future that Claire, Brianna, and Roger have warned about is fast approaching.  War is coming.  And, to make sure they are on the right side, the side of victory, Jamie will have to turn against his vow to the Crown that he was forced to take after the uprising.  But he will have to be careful to not be tried for treason in the process.  And, worse he will have to turn on his own people, those that fought beside him in Culloden.  But yet, he must do what will keep him and his family safe.

The article that sent Brianna through the stones also haunts them all.  January 21, 1776.  The day it was reported in the paper that Jamie and Claire burned up in a fire at their home.  Can they rewrite history and save the house and themselves or are they doomed to perish in the fiery flames?

Meanwhile, Ian is still struggling with the demons of his past life with the Mohawk.  And, the guilt he feels for all that happened with him and his beloved wife, Emily. He continues to question what he should do next and how to go on living when he left his heart back there.

Stephen Bonnet continues to haunt Jamie and his loved ones.  Always showing up to cause pain and terror when they least expect it.

And, when the unthinkable happens Brianna and Roger are faced with a decision that could make them risk everything for a trip through the stones that could be fatal.

This was a decent read from Gabaldon, but like the others, it is just such a long endeavor.  And, it felt like she was a bit baby crazy in this one.  Babies were popping up everywhere!  It felt like this book could have been broken into several…. And yet, it didn’t feel like one complete thought.

I honestly thought this story would focus more on Ian since he had just returned to the family.  And, he was definitely a part of it, but seemed more in the background throughout the story.  My heart broke for him when he confided in Brianna though.  I have to expect more will come out about him in the next book, An Echo in the Bone.  And, I hope he finds his peace and can finally be happy.

Jamie and Claire are their usual selves in this one.  Claire being too nice, even to those that would see her harmed or even killed.  Jamie doing all he can to protect her and those he considers his.  And, of course their love for each other always shines through even when others try to destroy it.