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“A zombie outbreak has occured in the San Fernando Valley. The only thing that’s stopping the undead horde from over-running Los Angeles is a short subway ride.”  And guess what?  Zombies are about to get their subway passes.

At 4:15pm on Saturday, October 17, 2009, zombies, zombie-look-alikes, and zombie fans will be meeting at the North Hollywood Red Line Station.  From there, they will be heading over to Hollywood and Highland at about 4:50 pm, emerging from the Metro Station to wreak havoc on the Walk of Fame.  Hollywood always was one of the hot spots for a zombie break-out.

Jeff Schiffman, the brain-eater behind this operation, says, “It’s going to be my 30th birthday, and what better way to celebrate one’s life than by being acutely aware of his own mortality.”  Birthday or no, this is all about the zombies and the walking on the Walk, as it were.  Jeff has setup a Twitter account and posted on ZombieWalk.com looking for fellow zombies to accompany him and his minions on this undead stroll through Hollywood’s most popular area.  Whether you are an amateur, a seasoned member of the rotting hordes, or just looking for some awesome photo opportunities on a Saturday night in the world’s premier spot for entertainment, you are invited to join and/or watch!


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Wow, it looks like it will be really great! What do you think of this? Will you dress up as a zombie and assist?