Title: Yours at Yuletide

Series: Love in Unity Springs

By:  Josephine Blake

ASIN: B08278487N


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Coming home for the holidays was never supposed to mean falling in love.

Charlotte Wilson is in her very last semester of college. Distractions are completely out of the question, which is what makes everything about Oliver Hull a very bad idea. The local firefighter is so far out of Charlotte’s league that he should be classified as a different species. Handsome, charming, and dangerously persistent, Oliver is everything Charlotte cannot handle right now.

The small town of Unity Springs is overflowing with Christmas Spirit, and Oliver’s work at the fire station is keeping him more than busy. Then along comes Charlotte Wilson, and Oliver’s aspirations fall to the wayside in his pursuit of just. One. More. Kiss.

When tragedy strikes, Oliver and Charlotte’s budding relationship is put to an unexpected test. Why does Charlotte keep running away from everything that makes her heart glow? Love and happiness are within her grasp. Is she strong enough to reach out and take it? (Goodreads)


Yours in Yuletide by Josephine Blake is the first title in the Love in Unity Springs series, first of her contemporary romance books (other genres include historical romance and gothic historical romance) and the first of her writing I have read. I must say that overall I enjoyed her writing style and of course, I am a sucker for a good contemporary romance. Combine this with the holiday theme and I am good.

Charlotte Wilson is home in Unity Springs for the holiday season (she is just finishing up her last semester at college) with the only expectation to help her father in the family owned hardware store and enjoy Christmas with her dad and sister. Oliver Hull is the deliciously handsome firefighter that Charlotte must not fall for (right…) as she is just too busy with finishing school… Need I say more? 

I found Charlotte a bit stiff/rigid in the beginning. She thought that she had to concentrate only on school to the exclusion of participating in other parts of her life (i.e. dating). It is good to be focused but really – one must experience life fully… and that includes being vulnerable to matters of the heart. Especially with such a hunky guy! I did however, love the family interactions. The portrayal of the family bond was heartwarming. Especially in the face of tragedy (sorry – not giving it away – not even with a spoiler alert – one will have to read this little treasure themselves to find out what happened to the family).

What can I say about Oliver – one must love and appreciate this hard working man in protecting his community, while putting himself in potentially dangerous situations. And it does not hurt that he is portrayed as a hunk. 

I quite enjoyed that for such a short read – the romance portion seemed to progress at a reasonable rate and did not feel rushed. Additionally, the conclusion of the story was satisfactory…love abounding (of course).

I would have to say the biggest reason I gave the book a “3” for a rating was that it was too short!  I wanted more. However, if you are interested in a short read with engaging characters and an engaging, slow romance – then pick up Yours in Yuletide, get a hot beverage and settle in your comfy chair for a delightful read.