5 star rating
You Knew me When
By Emily Liebert
ISBN# 9780451419446
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you-knew-me-when-emily-liebertKatherine and Laney became quick friends when Katherine and her dad moved into the neighborhood.  The two became inseparable and even considered themselves sisters instead of merely best friends.  They had big dreams of going to college together and moving to New York to take on glamorous careers.

But then life got in the way and their plans changed, causing a seemingly insurmountable rift between the two, as the girls went their separate ways, living their own lives without the other.

Twelve years later the two are forced to work together once again to meet the demands of a will they were both named in.  Can they set their differences aside to get the job done or will this tear them even further apart?

I’ll admit that this isn’t my usual kind of read and, I really was less then enthused after reading the synopsis.  But I’m so glad that I was encouraged to read You Knew Me When because I have come away from this book thoroughly enjoying it.

This is a coming of age story about two former best friends finding their way back to one another.  The narration goes back and forth between Katherine and Laney (and their childhood selves as well), but this truly is Katherine’s story.  You see the struggles they both have faced in their lives; their highs and lows they went through to become who they are today.  But more than anything we see how everything affects Katherine more so than Laney and we see the decisions Katherine must make as a result.

I’m a person that generally does NOT enjoy flashbacks.  I find that they more often than not, muddle and confuse the tale being told.  But Liebert pulled her flashbacks off flawlessly.  And, I will admit during the majority of the story I liked reading about Kitty and Laney’s childhood more than their present day happenings!

This was a really sweet story that I think any woman would really enjoy and I’m curious to see what this author will create for us in the future.