You Betrayed Me

The Cahills, Book #3

By Lisa Jackson

ISBN# 9781496732125

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James Cahill has a bad habit of starting new relationships with women without ending his current relationship first!  Women tend to get angry about that.  And, that’s what happened between him and Megan Travers.  Megan found out he’d been seeing Sophia Russo behind her back.  It resulted in a horrible fight between James and Megan.  A fight that ended with James in the hospital with a head injury and Megan missing.  James is possibly the last person that saw Megan, making him the prime suspect in the police investigation.

And, as time passes worry for Megan intensifies, bringing her sister, Rebecca to town.  The woman that Megan stole James from!  James has never stopped having feelings for Rebecca and considers her as the one that got away.

James is set to inherit a fortune on top of the wealth he has accumulated on his own.  The money makes him a top prospect for many women … if only they can keep his eye (and other body parts) from wandering.  But could one of them be responsible for what’s happened to Megan?

More women are starting to end up dead.  Are the murders connected to Megan’s disappearance?  It’s up to police detectives Brett Rivers and Wynonna Mendoza to get the bottom of what’s going on in their small town.  They must hurry to find answers to save more lives and find Megan before it’s too late.

I’ve always enjoyed Lisa Jackson’s writing, but it’s been awhile since I’ve read one of her books.  And, sadly this book was a massive disappointment to me.  There was just too much going on at once to get invested in this story.  It became a bit monotonous and one-dimensional.  And, every woman in town seemed to want to trap James into a relationship for his money … and his house and hotel room were way too easy for people to get in to!  There was also a lot of pregnancies going around!  I found a lot of the characters in the book, including some of the victims, to be unnecessary to the story.  They just seemed to bog the storyline down even more.

I found all these random seeming murders hard to connect, honestly.  They seemed so vastly different that I had a tough time figuring out why the characters in the book thought they were connected.

There was a plot twist that I didn’t see coming.  However, it wasn’t enough to save this book for me.  There was also a huge cliff-hanger at the end of the story that I know will frustrate some.  There is nothing in this book that makes me want to reach out for the next installment though.