www.thesplice.com: On Saturday I went to Animation Supercon, South Florida’s annual pow-wow of gamers, anime fans, cosplayers and comic-book guys. I fall into one or two of those categories, but mostly I was there to see the cast reunion of Futurama. Fry, Bender, Kif and Hermes were all there to help promote the show’s glorious return to the airwaves.

The highlight came when David X. Cohen, who created the show with Matt Groening, gave us an exclusive sneak peek at the new season. It was a little crude – just animatics and voice work, no color or CG – but still, we got to see brand new Futurama scenes almost a year in advance!

The three-minute clip picked up right where the ending of Into the Wild Green Yonder left off. After being sucked into a black hole, the Planet Express Ship ends up back in Earth’s orbit. Fry and the Professor are left relatively unscathed, but the other crew members aren’t so lucky.

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I am just thrilled to hear there will be more Futurama episodes next year! It’s easily one of the best cartoons around.

Will you be watching next year?