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SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater
Chapters 27-29

When Grace and Sam pull up to her house, her parents are home.  Grace snuck Sam into the house.  As they get into bed, Sam is having thoughts of being closer to Grace.  She admits that she wished she had changed into wolf when she was bitten.  Sam tells her that she doesn’t want it, because you lose yourself in the process. They talk about Sam and how he didn’t change this year except when he got shot.  He thinks Grace realizes too that it’s his last year as a human.

Rachel surprised Grace and Sam when she jumped into the Bronco at school the next morning.  Rachel is crazy hyper on coffee and isn’t too inquisitive about Sam.  She does mention that there is wolf action going on that Olivia knows about.  Rachel tells Grace that a wolf showed up on Olivia’s porch and that Rachel wants her and Olivia to go on vacation with her over Christmas break (she said she was hyper!).  Isabel Culpepper approaches Grace in class and demands to speak with her.  Isabel says that she saw Jack and he told her that Grace knew about him.  Grace lied and said she knew nothing.

While Sam waits for Grace to finish school for the day, he drives to the post office to check Beck’s post office box.  Sam recalls Beck and the other wolves teaching him as a boy.  He remembers Shelby and her fiery attitude and how Beck tried to protect him from the truth that he would ultimately not be human.  Once he arrived at the post office, he finds that there isn’t much mail, which means someone has checked it recently.

Memorable Quotes:

“Right now, every phrase, every lyric that I had in my head ended with the same word: love.”

Questions for consideration:

What do you think about Grace and Sam’s conversation in her bed?

Do you think Grace knows it’s his last year as a human?

What do you think Olivia knows?

Do you think Isabel suspects the real truth about her brother?

What does the post office box only having a few items in it really mean and who was there to pick up the mail?

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