While on the set of Zombieland, our own Ed Douglas got chatting with screenwriters and executive producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and learned about the genesis of their comedy, horror, road trip mash-up. Its transition from television to film is chronicled here and it covers quite a bit of ground.

Rotten: Strangely enough, someone is doing a zombie TV show now with Darabont on board The Walking Dead.

Reese: Which is a cool graphic novel. And that should work.

Wernick: Ultimately, we’d love Zombieland to go back to television, maybe make a few feature sequels. Fall into that existing IP where there’s nothing original. Let’s go make something again! [laughs] We, too, will not only have a victory for screenwriters, but strike a blow for originality with a sequel.

Complete interview here

LOL, sounds more like comedy than horror. Have you seen it?