thanks to Todd Gilchrist at SciFi Wire

Bruce Willis’ new sci-fi action film Surrogates is being released on Sept. 25 and is the second of three films with themes exploring virtual reality (after Gerard Butler’s Gamer and before James Cameron’s Avatar).

But screenwriters Michael Ferris and John Brancato are confident that their film’s ideas are universal enough to appeal to audiences, no matter what their competition is. “It’s a very 21st-century fear,” Brancato said in an exclusive telephone interview this week. “There’s always the sense that ‘How well do we really know the people we know?'”


Set for release on Sept. 25, the film unfolds in the near future and stars Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell as FBI agents Greer and Peters. It’s a utopian world in which technological breakthroughs allow people to live vicariously as their minds are downloaded into replicants—or “surrogates” of themselves—while their bodies remain at home. There should be no crime and no one should die, but the problems start when a pair of surrogates are murdered, leading to the remote deaths of their human operators.

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I think this should be an interesting movie.  I love movies that tackle issues we’ll have in the future that we’re starting to see today. The director compares the surrogates to the internet today.

What do you think of the movie’s concept? Do you think we have problems with anonymity because of the internet today?